♥¸•´The Royal Anointing´•¸♥


Seek ye the LORD while he may be found,

call ye upon him while he is near:

Jes 55:6



God did it for me & Jesus friends

God showed a starving people with small rice bowl in his hands.
God took my hand and dipped in Water, “YOU ARE CLERGY, NOW!”
God took my hand and dipped in Oil, said “YOU ARE ANOINTED, NOW!”
God took my hand and cleansed in the blood of Jesus,

LORD GOD said, “Pray for this people!”



Stories from real Christian life, the struggle within lot of enemies even the Church of Jesus Christ is hard to Woman of God is true Anointed in Kingdom of God to let be heard voice of Love!

The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit
Anointed in The Kingdom of God





Heavenly Thoughts
– Hebrews 3:1


Why Not?

It made my heart to grow in confidence.

The future seems so may your will be done ….

You who spreads roads again o fill one with what you have made!

For yourself, I can not do anything about it without your healing of my soul Lord

I can once again become yours in service.

Another time, even now flower Glory o the light of Christ.

One day you called me and I bow to you my yes.

You who forgives o give my soul peace!

The Lord


The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit
Anointed in The Kingdom of God


The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit from godambassadress on GodTube.


A Psalm of David. LORD, who shall abide in thy tabernacle?
who shall dwell in thy holy hill?
[abide: Heb. sojourn]
He that backbiteth not with his tongue, nor doeth evil to his neighbour, nor taketh up a reproach against his neighbour.
[taketh…: or, receiveth, or, endureth]
In whose eyes a vile person is contemned; but he honoureth them that fear the LORD.
He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not.
He that putteth not out his money to usury, nor taketh reward against the innocent.
He that doeth these things shall never be moved.
Ps 15


“The person seeking”, the promise of God reaches out, in faith, toward the anointing. The anointing may be within the heart of that beliver or it may be upon another person who is to minister anointing. Either way, it is the same Holy Spirit producing the anointing. If the anointing and faith come in contact with one another, the manifestation (The HEALING, DELIVERANCE or BLESSING that the person is seeking) occurs. If contact is not made, the gap between them must be filled by the word of God. The revelation of the living word produces grater faith enabling the person to reach further until the anointing it souched and the manifestation occurs. Rom 10:17

Therefor, as we move father along in our journey to DIVINE HEALING, it is necessary for us to examine “THE ANOINTING”. the anointing operates at three different levels:

1. The Salvation Anointing for the life of God.
2. The Priestly Anointing for the power of God.
3. The Kingly Anointing for the manifested precence of God.
3.a The Kingly Anointing be within the heart his minister anointing.
3. b The Kingly Anointing may be upon his minister anointing. 
Apostel Jack Mott USA

Each one of these three anointings is available to every Christian regardless of calling or position in the body of Christ. however, it must be understood that The Kingly anointing stands UPON The Priestly anointing and the Priestly anointing stands UPON the salvation anointing!! Joh 17:17


But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.
 Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high,
 he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men.

Captivity…: or, a multitude of captives]

(Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth? He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.)
 Ef 4:7-10

The Royal Anointing which the Lord Jesus Christ handing out Gifts of God who gave the died to Preach the Word of God the that belong occurs Miracles.


Peace lilies!

IVinSzxmL_7Eweq3 for you. “We have a living God!” Smokers have always been in the corner, but there is no difference between you and an alcohol problem. Request requesting – a struggle between life / death.

 I am writing now as it is, but I usually skip the first. I just think it has started to become important even the first. 

 So does “the blessings of Abraham in fact a curse strikes back! GOD said to me,” That God knows no one who IS stronger!! DANGEROUS, DANGEROUS, DANGEROUS to CHALLANGE GOD! I ended up in the Pentecostal Church as a guest growth area of Sweden and there were people in the Swedish part with. It was a Swedish eldest brother, was prayer leader a Wolf. My real Prayer group as a guest was Finland, the foreign part-that God later revealed his Glory with!

 GOD wrote … with FIRE in Heaven and Jesus led me to a Pray meeting Pentecostal Church. Because there was a Finlandes Senior Woman of God, my mentor later and friend in Christ, she works in Arken.org. I knew I had God with me, for he had written with fire in Heaven for me! despite the acquaintance woman’s threats.


I had a terrible cough due. smoking. People knew right away when I was present due. cough. The Pentecostal Church leader brought Holy Mortal Meetings a Wolf!

In that Prayer group got the idea to Pray curse me because, I’ll be so sick that I quit smoking. Within Me shouted the Nooooo……………………. WHAT DO YOU DO IDIOT?

I just cried to God, Jesus blood inside me, Jesus’ blood and left them behind. He was nvy on a prophetic message, my gifts.

The kids once said, “Mom, I do not forget how it ran blood from your mouth, and there was always blood on my hands and slime: You were so severely ill!” It happened I could not breathe more, flowed the blood type dying.

I started bleeding every morning. I spat blood on the sink every morning. I was a loyal customer in the Hospital emergency room due. bleeding. Dr. wanted to run down a camera o stuff in the lungs, but NO! I believe in GOD! So it went on month after month. I got worse and worse. After work of day, I sleept that embraced the lungs for it was so painful to breathe. When I got home in the afternoon. Finally I could not really fill my lungs with air, so it became a short breath and stop. Then I get tired. I asked God in Pray, “Do not you think I’m too young to die? I have passed by the Satanists, witch and now this”?

God answered is YES!:
Suddenly I found myself in the Ark Conference, a Man of God Evangelist Peter Youngren Canada Ark.org have also that tape when he was there and Woman of God a friend of mine drive me to Arken Conference. I was so sick that I was standing at the front door in case if he was dangerous as this Pentacostal Wolf, I thought. There was a woman on the floor writhing like a snake at his feet, which later became one calls herself Preacher in City Church in town as a Apostle of his X-mother in law ! tried to kill his Spiritual Service lowered its witches on me, giant nastiness and ugly theater monkeys!

Peter showed in his Conference how to do to Praise God, he said, lift your hands, Praise be to Jesus! Then shouted out various diseases. I Pray for the lungs, and he said that God has a new pair of lungs! Guess what I cheered, I just did not lift their hands without really tried to grab them. Hallelujah! That was the last time I had pain in my lungs. Not a drop of blood after the Worship Service!

Though I smoked two cigarettes nonetheless. a day, otherwise the 15-20st. for 33 years! I felt it screamed WRONG, WRONG in my body. It was like smoking three packets in the face of God. I said in the kitchen when her hands fumbling for cigarettes. God there is something wrong with me! My hands have a life of their own, I have no control over them, throw them, I do not want those hands! I shouted to God in despair.

I forgot everything and ended up in a public Monday evning prayer meeting in the Pentecostal Church of Westeras. This time, it was unusual. For a long quiet man stood o said that God will cure diseases now. He enumerated various ailments and then a pair of hands! Guess what, I laughed and thought, who should have them?

I had forgotten everything what has happened in the kitchen. I thought the man was so nice that I must, must just mention some word with him and I was last as usual, but happy. He, Dr. Mange Smith looked deep into my eyes and asked me: DO YOU REALLY QUIT SMOKING?

Sure, I said, not knowing what it means. You know how people are, simple! He put a hand on the thorax and the other on the back and Hola, God Champagne tumbled down into me. What I laughed and it was a long, long time continuously. What jubilant joy! Later he killed, Kåfalla Herrgårds Conference by tricked Voodoo priest, he has also been once in Kraftkällan Kallhäll written his name on the roof who later did Apostle’s spitting Xwife’s mother healed, return to his profession.

This Pastes would only insure that Evangelist Ramiro S CC shatter and keep away me by they slandre from Churches in town, as well as their life’s work as they do when someone

is Anointed people of God and too good of God.

Since then, I do not care a damn about cigarette. It does not matter if 10 people straight on my face. It’s definitely gone, completely erased the palate, tonsils, which I have not (it surgically removed by someone, the parents did not know about it.) Dr. just discovered I do not have tonsils) or “gills” – where the urge to smoke is. You smoking now recognize what I’m talking about, right? God eraser in Jesus name erased away “literally” cigarettes, with its
Honestly, it was good to smoke when I was smoking. Now the matter so that there is a gap in between me and smoking. I know 1000% that it will never have room in my life! Even if I were forced by violence to taste – it has no more space in my life. Moreover, it is more fun, and harder without cigarettes. Jesus is Coool …….. he makes me coool without cigarettes. No one but God persuaded this in my life! I got the recipe for 1000 SEK. “Quit smoking” in the beginning, but …

I chose Jesus IS FREE!
God he loves even you, Praise be to Jesus!

I love him more and more!

Worse my friend that God Heal her from deadly cancer, did Jesus visiting by my invitation to Jesus Acutens prayer meetings, she said, know that I am the true Christian proved it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLLfI1-1PbQ
Later stole a Pastor her healing and fell back through … even tried to do the same for me in 12 years here in our City for  they do not know The truth Lord of the Lord Jesus Christ this new Pastors / leaders appeared!

When God Heals or Anointing any put in spiritual service Pray and preach, it is never ever a battle only this,


This is also the Evangelist Esther Heinonen talking about … here!
Therefore it does not fit a program such as picking down one’s personality completely replace Pastors Head Alm opinions or Psychologist service. There is a big difference when God does something, brand new creation in Christ Jesus the Lord basically talking about a perfection the transfer and faith in GOD! Only GOD & ME no one else would otherwise be the man’s death, God uses his real Anointed Servant ..

Jesus mark a scar in my lungs to not forget where God has taken me from. Later, Wolf bought a new Pastors Head Alm who would run his errands Psychologically, that God plays branches of God, and cast out people from their Church services for life time kind of psychological warfare even persecute God’s people who have spiritual service to destroy them and he did manipulated Pastors and my hospital records have changed a bit here and there, but the first certificate I have in detention and Jesus references!

The same man of God Evangelist Peter Youngren pointed me in the Ark autumn 2008, after broken me and then trying to kill me once to cancer and cervical spine broken neck vertebra in the prayer meeting and peter shouted, “YOU CAN DO THE SAME THING AS ME BECAUSE YOU’VE SEEN JESUS”! These words ring than in Day in my ear ….. Once called out another man of God in the Conference: “YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW MANY TIMES GOD HAS SAVED YOU NEAR DEATH”!


♥ A friend

The manager forbidden pastors to speak the truth in Pentacostal Church Westeras!




Pastors Head Alm Pentacostal Church did Curse Greased And Holy

Servants of the Lord, My betrothed R Sergio CC South America & The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit Sweden in 3 years work together in The Kingdom of God.

However, when my little brother was murdered, I was so filled with grief was in 2012 and stole a funeral agency my heritage, livestock and land … so sad he was my brother! 

Pastes here in that Church .. Evangelist, R Sergio CC and Alm became hostile towards each other, so he Preaching in Stockholm in place and I stay in my city. 

Since he could not retaliate against R Sergio CC South America so Alm, he started attacking me instead although I am innocent and my family.

One Pastor here said the angry already written letters to the Government of Sweden about, “JESUS” a Celestial Greeting year 2004 my first Mission!

Another Pastor said; “They will slander apart destroy my spiritual service”! 

Apostle’s ex-wife and her husband listened to my references and actually close friend was there will know that I am ordained the Kingdom of God, Preach and Prophesy, but she got a reaction that jealousy may have haunted me ever since year 2006. Even Evangelist R Sergio CC two daughters witnessed when the Apostle’s Xwife forbade me to come forward after Preached of the witness “I turn to you smokers! the Church, the fight when I was dying almost and bled to death by my lugns and how God saw my dying body!

… and later one of raised voices from Bishop Casin from Belgium; said to them

” She has not done anything wrong, and the cancers you got was from your enemies! “Just after also did broken my spine neck vertebra in man of Camaroo in the Church prayer meeting as received also bad news, “I shall die”… death judgment from Doctor of cancer, my last date was from March – November 2008 Church’s first husband also managed, in the prayer meeting to break my spine neck vertebra … ran out into the arms of Priest then I could not hold back my tears anymore! 

It got too much, Got worse and worse, completely isolated myself did not want to meddle in more accidents and undesirable despite Jesus chose me, for all this that Jesus has given me to do. You know no one would survive it, I have gone through, not even second Birgit took suicide was ostracized by the church … now I go to the laundry room of the Church fast machine in place, sometimes I Heals someone … right now a Turkish little girl who is 4 He was born autistic.

“I am Christian Survival artist in Jesus!

The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit 1/11 2016





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Lord Said, “HE HAS DIED FOR ME!”



But when I speak♫ Me a Life ♫

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Amen to VLT elm
Suddenly, it was gone – the elm at Linnankatu.
We in the newsroom knew it was sick and we had seen that its leaves looked sadder for every month that passed. But anyway.

A few months ago, during the summer that is a thing of ”wet”, we had followed the first sparrow chick wings among the branches and seen how the confused crow now and then collided with the editors window. Truly creates memories and memories creates bands. And we who have been here a few years also remember with pleasure how elm protected us from the sun’s glare at our computer screens.

And since the day it was gone. In a way it has never been so present that now that it is gone. May it rest in peace.
Reporter by ULRIK ERIKSEN Vlt.se


Seek the Lord while he may be found, but do not be prevented despite the evil minions made way to the Devil! “IT’S NOT TOO LATE YET,



Writer and inspired by God University
The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit
Anointed in The Kingdom of God

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