Lord in North again, Christian God’s women is attacked


completely while UN Human Rights raises women’s values ​​


in Sweden locked them in and hidden them mental hospitals.  Shalom,

In Westeras they build most biggest mentalhospital i Europe and you can image…

In Sweden, so started tearing on God’s women, the Holy See is already locked into cells to die in Swedish scientific experiments for scientist.

Written as mental illness which is fake & lie perpose signposted by their arch enemies try destroy all from Women of Christanity

Manager comes from Westeras Satanist Church & Mimer.nu  


Do not be afraid the God of Israel is with you,


…even if they hard hurt you and the wounds never healed and again they torn by the envy little devils but as seen, knowledge of the Lord’s shoulder and the sun are turned to the moon like Sodom & Gomorrah …. fier of rain!

Make you ready for the world’s Altret’s doors open and formed feet now it shall shaken the whole Nation.

Seeing your ♡ Jewelry let it shine for Heart ♡ of God the way does not go in a man’s hand without the Lord’s hand is stronger lifting the journey of Jesus the place is yours.

Will the water run in desert dry become like glittering gold and your journey filled to perfection for the Chosen of the Lord and formed into who you are …. “MINE”!

Amen Amen ♡ God Bless ♡ New Year