Rest in Peace Mother Marly

Rest in peace  🇫🇮Artist Marja-Liisa Savander 1941 23/11 Finland – 2017 11/11 Sweden, Own Therapy Company. She was a Artist Oil Painting Collection of Alster’s childhood and about the Finnish children who are placed in a Swedish scale bowl, Gallery Astley in Uttersberg. Artist Marly also founded ”Marja Teresia Fund” for a time. Legal interpreter, as well as Health care for ages. Great sorrow for the youngest daughter was taken but there was a decision that the Chamber of Justice finally decided that the mother and daughter would be reunited. Instead, the Court’s pride and executed in reality left behind after 24 years at her the death bed, did the sisters reunited! ♡ God bless you ♡ FUNURAL 30/11 O’clock11:00, St.Gertruds Chapel 🌸 🌷 🎀 Westeras in Sweden GOD BLESS YOU


30/11 O’clock 11:00,

Sankta Gertruds Chapel

Westeras Sweden