Ask forgivness it is more this days preaching about than a act




When I was a five-year little girl.

My best play mate I was playing with.
One day she was with another girl.
When I called at her door, it was the other girl there and I was like, abound in her eyes.

She said this girl to me that she wanted to give me one thing and ran in to fetch it for me. It was a small white pill soft tablet that you could eat, she said. She said to me is candy, eat it! I ate it, when I had swallowed the girl said to me that I should die for it was the poison that I had eaten.

I was so scared and ran weeping mother, mom, mom!
Mom was not home, all alone, waiting to die!
I had seen dead before a funeral.
No one could save me because I was all alone at home.

I cried and cried, completely miserable, and suddenly there was an Angel there to comfort me and I was completely safe.
An experience that is eternal safety, because there are Angels for to give us protection.

After about when several years gone, had the girl become a adult woman and saved today. She had been asking after me everywhere in many, many, many years try to find me but she did find a cousin of mine who was sent as a message to me from her. It read:

“Forgive me, Birgit”?

I do FORGIVE you and also as Your Jesus Friend!

Say forgivness is better style than revenge