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Eva-Lena sends a letter with her testimony.

 In 1983 J was baptised in the sea, outside the west coast Sweden. The two Pastors’, who performed the ceremony, carried me out in the water between them. On the land J depend on wheelchair. They dip me with the blessing words of God, about the spiritual depth and revival in Christ. When J got up of the water blinded me, but when J blinked saw a grey dressed man walk towards me on the water. He had should-long dark brown hair and brown soft eyes. While the pastors’ where talking about how heavy J was, to carry back to the beach
(they joked). J heard, the man’s voice say: “J AM SO GLAD, THAT YOU ARE MINE. J NEVER LEAVE YOU, BUT ALWAYS HELP YOU.” Then he vanished.

J am convinced that the man, was Jesus. He didn’t only bring the peace J felt but he was the peace. He had shown himself twice after that. Now j will tell about one of those times.

A Runar Sörgard was at meeting in one of the Churches in my town. J felt little low, but not depressed. To be honest, J didn’t felt so much spiritual at all. When the part of the worship began. J suddenly felt a presence beside me in one empty chair. J turned my head and looked in to the soft brown eyes from my baptism a few years before. He put his arm around my shoulders and asked with a smile; “Why so low? This meeting is going to be exactly  J want it to be. Great!” J smiled back, and J was strangely comfortable in His presence. Then we chatted in our thoughts about this and that for a while. Runar got up on the stage to preach. Then Jesus said; “Now J have to work. See you again up there.” He went up on the stage and stood up on the stage and stood behind Runar and then melted in to him. J only saw a royal blue light shine around Runars body and he preached wonderfully.

J believe this is a proof of that Jesus still is on the earth and work with the believers, to let people feel his love.

J has doubted much of the Bible’s teaching, but I’ve never doubted the love of The God to all people. God Bless You!


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