(¸. • ‘’♡ ¸ ¸ ¸. • HEAVEN LADDER ♡ • ‘¸ ¸. • * ¨)


(¸. • ‘’ ♡ ¸ ¸. • ¸ ♡ • ‘¸’ ♡ ¸ ¸. • ¸ ♡ • ‘¸’ ♡ ¸ ¸. • ¸ ♡ • ‘¸’ ♡ ¸ ¸. • ¸ ♡ • ‘¸’ ♡ ¸ ¸. • ¸♡ • ‘¸’ ♡ ¸ ¸. • ¸ ♡ • ‘ ¸ ¸. • ¸ ♡ • ‘¸’ ♡¸ ¸. • ¸ 

(¸. • ‘’ ♡ ¸ ¸ ¸. • HEAVEN LADDER ♡ • ‘¸ ¸. • * ¨)


Since I came to, you kept me in your hand.
In Heaven we went in blessing baptism,
Spirit of God came upon me.

On earth we went o heaven ladder took the step into the beginning of life.
We have taken many steps along o many holes repaired.

When the mountains have risen, sent you your Word o mountains began to falter.
Some cry in the ground, where are YOU going?
How do you do?
FAITH on him o his name, bring out your steps and come with me!
We are now in Heaven’s blue in the beautiful summer sun o gaze up at the height o down there, we want to stay! Each deleted stick, is now a challenge o all blessed by GOD!

I dress in the Lord’s clothes, one foot in a white cloud o the other foot a blue cloud.
Together we’ll go to the next step. There’s a hurricane and God has his hand under me and says: Wherever you go, o wandering, you are safe in my hand!

So fear not good courage, for you have me with you Israel GOD! “Every morning is a worship oi jubilant joy Glorifying I Calvary victory o Jesus my Lord that carries throughout the empire on his shoulders!

Author by The Sanctified Ambasadress, Birgit in Sweden a Message song to my Lord Jesus.

(¸. • ‘’ ♡ ¸ ¸. • ¸ ♡ • ‘¸’ ♡ ¸ ¸. • ¸ ♡ • ‘¸’ ♡ ¸ ¸. • ¸ ♡ • ‘¸’ ♡ ¸ ¸. • ¸ ♡ • ‘¸’ ♡ ¸ ¸. • ¸♡ • ‘¸’ ♡ ¸ ¸. • ¸ ♡ • ‘ ¸ ¸. • ¸ ♡ • ‘¸’ ♡¸ ¸. • ¸

This song came about when God took me to the Rock of Peter, the rock on the rock where Abraham put his hand on me and pronounced their blessings and protection….

When looked at Abraham and said, No, no, no I do not want to be sent back!
A thundering;


A HUGE fireball shot of The Lord.

This song was recently my ♡ because of wicca witch murdered threats and also sue to get will of Dev.Papi who hit-man hired and last night they locked up my front door with Landlord key  and yell “You are Death.”! …Judges sentenced using my brain’s scientific experiments by fake accusation hurts the Swedish laws in force & UN Human Right

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Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus Master who rose up in front of me …. most finest part in my life .. has begun!

Guds Ambassadörflagsweden


The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit
I believe, our Life, God has already written in his hand!

So, may God’s Hand keep away those who bring false charges / intrigue.
Nothing to give them than my JESUS TESTIMONIAL!
But you have to meet quite often the type not of God, who makes everything ugly that God has done beautifully!
I remember my first intricacies Computer start of Jesus-acute with help by literacy teacher, named David, Admin Arosportalen saw me the here is one Charismatic Christian. I know nothing about so intricate Computers, equal to 0!
He referred me to (today solidlove.com) 7Himlen.nu later become hackers and stalkers Residence.

They Pastes/leader had large fest but I was not invited as was the case when my friends ask whý she is not in the Church, they have to lie about me. God put me on Abraham Hand when I was little and said …. “Those who bless you receive blessings and those who curse you be cursed!” God was not finished yet …. a beautiful cloudless summer day could walk with Sarvin (Her name is “Diamond” in English) a Kurdish woman from Erbil, Iraq, and we got to the parking lot there the sky was a huge star came forward to us two.

Midnight, I was immediately lifted to the sun, standing above the sun and saw the Muslims Lord and after the moving Lord me I sensed myself, Angel above the sun.
It was so powerful that also saw Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus Master who rose up in front of me …. most finest part in my life .. has begun!
Jesus Christ, Lord of Divine wisdom, but writes only that bit more to say but there is Are they thank God, have me as a friend and some are such a hostility that one believes!

It was the most important thing for me when I saw Scripture also confirmed that one chapter of the Bible book of Revelation of John Scripture I understood him right away, “exact description of my sense at the meeting of Jesus, the Lord” who said to me;
“I’ve died for you”!

After consecrated true Anointed Ambassadress/Ambassador of God a Prophetic singer in the Kingdom of God, ……was mocked because some envy Head Pastes; the Church of Life Center he said that my God’s healing laughed …. condemned a voice of Prophet Anointed singing the season of Church Prophets songs, he said Assembly you will not your voice somebody with songs either and laughed …. later did he forbade also woman in wheelchair come to the Church if she was visit with Jesus Acute Prophetic meetings! Nowday she goes far away of the city a other Pentecostal Church. Pastes here my Town punishment, my Gift of God and stop me go forward Church service ever since year 2004 they work together with Baal Prophet it is kind of prison or curse from hell. More of them followed Alms pattern Pentecostal Churches Head Pastor lifetime prohibitions visiting on my birthday, because my revival prayer and salvation prayer in the prayer meeting year 2007, later he did also became Pastor of Sweden! It was my life that they play wicked men sat gambling, about my God, faith so they threw the Church door locked straight in face. slander to harm my Devotional service … they processed the consecrated true Anointed Ambassadress in act here in the Kingdom of God, I realized that many of the actors it surprised me! The motive was to protect the ignominy against my honor, envy leader from the Pentecostal Church management when I was not allowed to pray to God in my voice! I’ve never hurt anyone I am led by God, a Prophetic worshipers!
Finally, was there in 2010, Christian Post from Americans, so got a hate letter from the Head ..
City Church Head the Pastor said, “Is it not enough Churches in Westeras, do you must open one more another Church Jesus Acute? … Prohibiting in envy kind of open Jesus Acute, already first of all, said the New Jerusalem Congregation Head Pastor give me Your Jesus Acute! … They hailed negative because God in my Life and Pastes had in the begin held regular meetings together! Well they agree not accept my references, or ordained or called chosen by God so they closed the doors in Sweden because sees a Women of God competitor!


Two of the references I have true men of God died on that coup, but I live than they Paster here in my Town have not understood that it is God’s will, “life” becauseJesus-acute 376 JESUS IS ALIVE and Spirit“!

I have lot of good experiences, when I wrote about God, there start all the problems then it ended up in the Pentecostal Pain-Church’s Holy Cutthroat Meetings year 2004, remember it was my first experience about the Pentecostal Church when they Pray “a Death” and was near to die. The children remember said; “Mom, remember how it flowed blood and mucus from your mouth down on hands”! I was usually in hospital, with bled blood every morning was blood Bason! The experience which is not as Beautiful about this Pentecostal Church, compared the true Church of Sweden that I grew up with. God of Heaven above water height that sees everything and knows everything, how can you then think that you can try to deceive GOD and a HOLY? Honor God, that Jesus Christ is Lord knew about my future that trained since little to believe in God of Faith and be equipped. They will not still repent from that killing sin, not even in their death-beds, as true as I live!

The Apostle’s X-mother of law salivary courses towards Point at my spiritual services they went so far I was dying of cancer and Doctor said I die in November 2008, that year also they broken spine neck vertebra in Pray meeting 21 March after, the medal for X-mother and Man from Camaro courage to hurt developed their wickedness to the full shame on you selfish false Pastes / the leaders / Prophets who claim that God has not done anything in my life and not welcome. Although Bishop Casin Belgium said the Assembly that I have not sinned or done anything wrong, and the cancer did received was from the enemies! Not surprising, the schemes are exposed from different of sources.

I walk Child footprints, one seeks the reassurance of God. GOD BLESS YOU

Each one follows the most love, JESUS
The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit
29 November 2015

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