God gave me this miracle cold winter darkness time when God lit the Light….Prayer of Love

flagsweden th_Finland Shalom reminds rear light was not working and I put my hand on the car’s engine head and it worked it was a cold winter, hurry to the Migration Board School and it was several towns away in the deepest woods.

Photo of Ali Truck Mechanic employee of Swedish VP Truck Workshop,
before he went out the car’s lantern in the freezing cold
Miracles days left for work far more cities in the deepest forests
my job in the Migration Board’s Language School Round-trip icy winter
with a car headlight that I put faith in my hand on car and let my Prayer God,
let it shine and it did shone until the end of the day of work until in front of Ali mechanic extinguished lamp which Miracle Day with God because it is the law in Sweden to drive light with car. ✝  Ali-SLove them Jesus died for, you will get experience this light manifested in Pray of Love.

And went away again beyond Jordan into the place
where John at first baptized; and there he abode.