A part of the unfortunate

Even departments.

It began with spring A woman neighbor and addict.

The district court said the prik-free register and the head
The administrative court said that they lived honorable lives, yet they took away everything and I have no accommodation.

Strange is that the department cell is late this summer an employee has been curing my prayer!
Strange of all that I am now.
Then the heavy criminals are here-
At first it looked tough.
Who has his own clan.
Time gone has built a bridge!
Brand’s sympathy carries a cross. Amen Amen .. I’m “tired”
Is there any humanity in my path to the Most High God?

They started to wear suddenly. Tough guys and miracles they go

They have long prison time a woman sits 12 years old.

God blessThey are often my web … check the legs etc .. you
The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit